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The project to create the "BR do Mar" law was recently sent to Congress, which is a program to encourage cabotage transport. By reducing costs, creating new shipping routes, among other measures to generate more competition in the sector, an increase of 40% in the capacity of the maritime fleet destined for cabotage in the next three years is expected, in addition to tripling the current rates of growth, from 10% to 30% per year.

What is Cabotage?

Cabotage is considered the most competitive, least polluting transportation mode, with the lowest number of accidents compared to rail and road transportation.

Projeto Br do Mar

On August 11, the government urgently handed over to the National Congress the bill dubbed BR do Mar, which encourages cabotage. The project's main objective is to stimulate the transportation of products internally and increase the country's industrial factor.

Lower level of environmental pollution

In comparison with the road and rail modes, cabotage generates a lower rate of CO2 emission in the atmosphere, reducing the emission of pollutants and improving the image of the cargo shipper by harming the environment less.

The Cabotage in Brazil

Due to Brazil's geography and colonization, coastal shipping was one of its first economic activities. It was the leading choice for the transportation of goods at the time of colonization and several years later. Until the 1930s, Cabotage was the primary transportation mode for bulk cargo due to the lack of rail and road networks at that time in Brazil.

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